Bees Whispered

I have known the secret

of my great beauty

all my life.

The mountain’s smooth

rhythmic undulation

told me she understood.


The water

of all pure ever-renewing


spoke to me of my own

life giving love ~

that poured forth

from me

as easily

as the ocean’s tides.



Bees whispered

about flower nectar

and knew

the honey buzzing


of my Queen within.


Storms cracked lightning

to acknowledge

the enormous power

of my seeing

and touching you and the world.



Electrical Storms

If you touch me

here, there,

from my neck ~

to the palm of my hand ~

to my earlobe ~

and every blessed mile

of the sacred land ~

then you know

how alive I am.


The summer storm

electrifying the sky

with cracks of power

and fierce thunderings

is so near

to my own skin

your life is spared

in the moments of touch.




If I could capture these memories…

I reach and sweep my hand quickly

the cushion of air

pushes the feather

just past capture.


And so the memories

once so full,

downy feathers falling all around



just one or two

and they escape

erasing a life.