I Couldn’t See the New Moon

The new moon
is invisible and dark,
like the chambers of my heart.
The inner music is quiet and glorious
and sustains me,
as she does the ocean tides.

In this silence
I return again to my inner
the longing
that brings me home
to myself,
the incantation of
the dark side of the moon
reminding me
of the inner way.

Such solace here,
and rest
and the revivification
of life
rooted deep
in the eternal spring.

I can flower again,
another season,
summer forthcoming
and I am
growing deep into
the truth of it.

Celebrating with the
Goldfinch, Oriole, and Mourning dove,
all arising again,
even my own spirit
sweetly turning toward the sun,
ready to begin again
the path unknown
yet beckoning
and I am willing.

I am here
for myself
on this good road,
and that is enough.
One more breath,
one more step,
one more day to flower.

~ New Moon Mandala May 22, 2020

~ Female Bullocks Oriole

~ Two days after the New Moon